Music is a universal love language, so we offer music and audio-visual production projects that bring diverse groups together to collaborate on annual awareness and prevention campaigns. These programs culminate in the production of a single release available on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, and other digital music streaming services.

The Love Quest Foundation has also sponsored music campaigns that brought youth, survivors, and community members together as part of our annual awareness and prevention campaigns on intimate partner and teen dating violence, domestic abuse, and sexual assault.

You can support us in our mission and help heighten awareness and improve prevention by purchasing our annual Benefit EP that we produce launched during Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October.

Support awareness and prevention. Purchase Love Quest’s EP!


I’m Taking Off

The Love Quest Foundation locally shot the video I’m Taking Off that tells a story loosely based on actual events: An up and coming female high school athlete falls in love and gradually finds herself in an manipulative and abusive relationship. As she wrestles between her love for him and her love for herself, she learns more about her inner strength and resolve.

I’m Taking Off was executive produced by Josayne Anderson-Tejera and directed by Poughkeepsie’s native music video and commercial director Meca Cole of Cali Productions. It was produced in collaboration with The Art Effect Spark Studio and Spark Studio and Beacon High School students served as cast and crew.

Anderson-Tejera wrote the title song of the same name, which is produced by renowned jazz musician and Grammy Award winner Keyon Harrold and co-produced by Jasson Harold. Up and coming vocalist Aaliyah Bell brings the song to life. The video stars Aaliyah Bell and Spark Studio participant Caleb Clark.


PSALM: A Tribute to Tiana Notice

In Partnership with The Tiana Angelique Notice Foundation

Written by Tiana Angelique Notice and featuring Josaynemeant2be

The Love Quest Foundation collaborates with the Tiana Angelique Notice Foundation. At her father’s request, Josaynemeant2be took the words of one of Tiana’s 300-plus works and breathed life into in the form of spoken word.

Tiana was a victim of intimate partner violence, including stalking, and was murdered by her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day — February 14, 2009. . You can support the Tiana Angelique Notice Foundation by purchasing PSALMAll proceeds benefit the Tiana Angelique Notice Foundation


The Alumni Songwriters Bootcamp

Alumni Songwriters Bootcamp

The Alumni Songwriters Bootcamp provided an opportunity to collaborate and creatively advocate for issues important to participants, to tell their story, and to inspire others through song.

I Wanted to Say No

In 2019, Beacon High School students attended our Alumni Songwriters Bootcamp and produced I Wanted to Say No.

Mama Don’t Go

Love Quest Executive Director Josayne Anderson-Tejera executive produced Mama Don’t Go written, performed, and co-produced by Amanda Montaldo. Susan Wright, Caleb Herra, Charles Krachy IV, and One Small Step Productions also co-produced. Jiana Carter, Candace Figueroa, and Tiffany Lynette performed background vocals.


Take Back the Night

In partnership with the national Take Back the Night, The Love Quest Foundation strives to bring an end to all forms of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual abuse, and all forms of sexual violence.