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The Love Quest Foundation sponsors arts projects that advocate for individuals impacted by intimate partner violence, teen dating violence, domestic abuse, and sexual assault and that help them navigate in their quest for love.


Our vision is inspiring individuals to express themselves creatively, advocate for issues important to them, tell their stories, and be able to identify, establish, and sustain healthy, successful friendships and relationships.

Our Arts Projects

Music is a universal love language, so we offer an array of arts projects, including music and audio-visual production, that bring diverse groups together to collaborate on annual awareness and prevention campaigns. These programs culminate in the production of a single release available on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, and other digital music streaming services.

Additional projects engage participants in creating songs, stories, prose, chapbooks, journals, and other art works that serve as a tool to help empower and instill confidence in participants..

Our projects teach business acumen, communication, planning, goal setting, leadership, advocacy, and/or other important skills. They also provide tips that help them identify and sustain healthy friendships and relationships, and they share resources on best practices that aid in safeguarding them on their love quest.

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