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The Love Quest Foundation provides and promotes opportunities for youth, survivors, advocates, and community members to collaborate on projects that help break the silence surrounding domestic and dating violence and sexual assault, and to help heal those impacted by that trauma.


Our vision is inspiring teens to creatively express themselves, tell their stories, and learn how to identify, establish, and sustain healthy, successful friendships and relationships.

We offer an array of programs, including music campaigns pop-up workshops, and podcasts.

Music Campaigns

Music campaigns bring youth, survivors and community members together as part of annual domestic, and sexual and teen violence awareness and prevention campaigns.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month when we host our main event, our Annual Benefit Concert, and launch our benefit album on i-Tunes. 


Our workshops offer young people tools on how to identify and sustain successful friendships and relationships, and how to improve self-awareness and build healthy esteem.

Support our cause by purchasing PSALM, Spoken Word single written by Tiana Notice featuring Josaynemeant2be

All proceeds benefit The Tiana Angelique Notice Foundation