Adopt A Family

No Child Left Behind

As an Alumni of Beacon High School located in the Hudson Valley as well as the University of Hartford, along with affiliated employers and communities, it is heartbreaking to read articles about the children who have to suffer twice due to the loss of their parent(s) at the hands of domestic violence.

The Love Quest Foundation would like to partner with you to ensure a special event, whether it be a holiday, birthday, anniversary or milestone would be special for the children of those left behind.

Fallen Alumni and affiliates with children located via articles to date:

If anyone is able to connect us with the families listed below please connect us via our “Contact Us” Page as we conduct a diligent search.

Jasminn Emanuel, 1 dependent, Fishkill C.F., 2019

Staff Sergeant Regan Smith, Stewart Air National Guard, 2018

Terrie Degelormo, 1 dependent, Beacon High School, 2018

Jessica Welch, three dependents, Hudson Valley, 2011

Angela Lynn Harris-Martinez, 1 dependent, Beacon High School, 2009

Tiana Angelique Notice, University of Hartford Alumni, 2009

Joneese Davis, Beacon & Newburgh School Districts, 2003

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